Prophesy and Seers

It is rumored that in the years following Roman occupation Grantacaestir (as Cambridge was then known) was scarce of residents, marauded by mythological giants who were so tall they could see beyond the present horizon into the future. Two centuries later and embracing the folklore of these dangerous seers, future residents of Grantebrig (newly named after its Great Bridge – now Magdalene Bridge) spread their dwellings along its hills with settlements on Castle Hill, Market Hill, Peas Hill, and the lesser known Hogs Hill of St Andrew’s.

These hills were linked by the Via Devana, the oldest road in Cambridge, that originates in Colchester, running through Cambridge to reach Chester, and whose name is linked both to the supernatural divine and to ceremonial oracles. Castle Hill marked the northern entrance of this road to the city and Parker’s Piece the south. Positioned in the historical ward of Preachers, Parker’s Piece lies on the stretch of this road that was later to become known as Preacher’s Street. This is the home of prophesy, prediction and of future seers.